*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

It's been a while...


"But I'm just a baby!"
I don't care if I'm not the youngest I'm the baby!

I see nothing has changed....

you got what you wanted now your gonna get what you deserve

"hang on let me take the leash off my cat"

is it a million degrees hotter at Angel Stadium?
"Stacy did you really just invite him here!?!"
Loves it!

Hello scrumptious!
Best Time at the river ever!
We won $475 playing roulette!
Red Bull and jaggermeister (no clue how to spell that) til 5 am

So we got approached to do a reality show last week in Uptown, we kindly declined but Mike asked the vital questions......
"How does the dog choose?"

We had a nice little BBQ saturday, just be sure to ask for your ribs medium rare.....
"There was no meat left!! It was only ash on the bone!"

I really like the Ashlee Simpson CD
Sorry Megan, I meant A S I know she was our little secret!
"Dez, you don't really like Ashlee Simpson, that goes against everything you believe in!"

Turn around this weekend
Pimp Juice time
and some Sublimes-approved by Lou Dogg of course
and maybe a Lachey or two or 17
Keep the Bloody Mary's away from me!

I really hope you got the rest you needed cause that was a nasty and scary fall...
"But wasn't it the sickest whip ever?"
F*ck yeah it was!
Mom is my best buddy ever!

My zipper broke!

the dumb lady cut my finger twice!

Um yeah that burn mark there is PERMANENT!

Please research and advise....

Madden 2005

Should we really have a TV that big?
Its like driving a junky car with a nice stereo-

I love you
I love you too

You're my best buddy

Im the champ

puke a saurus rex
the morning puker

we have the "long-distancy" it takes
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