*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

pieces, pieces...

Pieces of me...
f all you
i like ashlee simpson
its been way long since ive updated i've been so busy at work
i worked 7-5:30 today i've had long days like that for a few weeks now
i love my weekends, its so nice to sleep in
wow how shit has changed since last summer
last summer was so much fun
this summer is just as great but in so many different ways for so many different reasons
we're going back to the lake this weekend
im the fucking roulette queen!
another turn around coming up, and vegas
i cant wait!
a hawaii trip in the works for december/january

so many times i've wished that i had a chance to update and now that i do im sitting here with no idea what to write

i have a lot to write but i think i've lost the willingness to share it with no one and everyone at the same time
yeah i think i have

anyway i love i love the 90's
my right boob is sunburned
i have a huge bruise on my right thigh
i cut my hair on saturday, like 2 inches
my brother is grossing me out hes telling me like 3453245 gross and scary stories
the fuck finally got a J O B im so proud of him!

ok so i've lost interest in this tonight...
i just lost a little bit of respect for hova
i just saw the mariah carey video for that old heartbreaker song and he had a little rappy rap in it oh jigga what were you thinking

i love my new haircut
i love my new purse
i love my boyfriend
i wish he wasnt gone
i just want to fall asleep next to him
and wake up next to him
or wake up in the middle of the night cause hes hugging me
or he just farted and it smells so stinky it woke me up
i hate laundry
we just got a nice new tv, by default
we kinda got stuck with it
but hey we got a new tv
look for me competing on espn ocho racing next year
this is so random and pointless
i love rubio's street tacos

i'm so hot
i wish i was in the mood to write
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