*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

tire la leche

dave chapelle was so funny last night
i'm so glad we ended up going
thanks so much mark
it would have been better if you were there!

so the wedding
the fucking wedding that i have been talking about for a year is over and done
and it was absolutely amazing
so yeah i was in an elevator with rashid wallace
we pretty much saw the entire team all weekend
the hotel as amazing
everyone looked so beautiful, my mom, my aunt, my nana, the kids were adorable
lulu was flawless of course
got drunk of the dom perignon on the way to the reception
we had lobster and filet mignon
so many silent g's
now thats class
i loved my hair and make up
mike and i danced all night long
i really will remeber that night forever
it was sooooooooooo much fun

we did have drama friday night though with mikes suit and my dress it wasnt ready til about 11 on saturday and i had to be ready at umm... 1!!! i was freaking out but I knew mike wouldnt let me down

it was the best weekend ever
i miss everyone
love you guys!
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