*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

june-o you want this

i love kevin and bean
i love ralph more

my stomach hates me

holy moly only 4 days til the wedding
mike got a dope DKNY suit
he looks so hot in it
of course my dress is still too big

we had a very nice weekend
got a lot done
hung out with everyone
which was a lot of fun
i miss that and we should do it more often

pineapple malibu rum is heaven sent

oh man my stomach hates me

diary is such a trippy book
chuck is amazing

dodgers vs. yankees this month
cant wait
tom gets such dope seats
i've already used "dope" twice today

this saturday is gonna be like prom!
haha i'm so excited
the reception is at the regent beverly wilshire
thats where they filmed pretty woman!

i'm already coming down from my coffee high
it was so nice sleeping in for 3 whole days

work time..
be back in a bit
its so nice not being busy!
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