*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

today is friday!

you know what that means-

i had a perfect morning
but the worst night ever!

thank god mike was there to calm my world
and make it all better
everyone was crazy last night!
everyone still is crazy
up until i picked him up i thought i was gonna go crazy
i could have sworn that some one was playing a trick on me and was recording me

today we all brought stuff to make nachos at lunch
i made salsa and brought guac-
my mouth is so excited but my stomach is dreading it-

the weekend is almost here and the thing that i'm most excited about is sleeping in with mike

tonight is melindas suprise party and i'm excited about that too!

we watched the american idol auditions last night and oh so funny

last night when i picked up mike everything really did feel better
he is so on my side and it feels so good
i love that man with all my heart

so melinda is leaving today and its pretty sad
but shes better off at her new job

ok only 6.5 hours to go!
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