*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

we aint getting no younger

i just love you...

i love you!

you do?


do you promise or do you prrrrrrrrr...?

la la la la la
warm it up...

all that food put me in a good mood!

i love ordering stuff from the internet and catalogs-

my nails are growing and they look good

my hair is finally getting long and its finally my color again

i'm finally getting in shape

i'm in love

i'm loved

i have someone that makes me happy

i make someone happy

i have been drinking more water

i want a new purse

i scratched my phone

i wanna see shrek 2

i'm excited about the wedding

i'm nervous about the wedding

i gotta pee again

i have the hiccups

when i hear people whisper im always afraid its about me

i'm excited about melindas surprise party friday

i'm trying so hard not to ruin the suprise

i miss mike

this day is going by too slow

panda inn has good orange chicken
and walnut shrimp

i had sushi last night

i miss mike

i have a lot of work to do

i have not had one out of balance since i took this desk over zhank you bedy much
yes zhank you
that wasnt a typo

i cant wait for this weekend
then i cant wait for the 3 day weekend after that
fun fun fun

i like that part of the usher song when he says
"when she gets low, i'm like yah"
i think thats what he says

i left my water in the damn freezer too long
i took an hour lunch

my nana bought us new chairs for the house and it looks so cute
i need my bathroom sink fixed

i miss mike

i ordered the cutest shirt today
i gotta work now
i miss mike

is it bad that when i hear about people that are unhappy that it makes me smile for a second cause once upon a time they hurt me

"i hope your as happy as your pretending"
that was the first dashboard quote in a long time
you need one every now and then or your LJ gets deleted

new nfg
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