*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

i just love you...

woo woo
today is michelle's b day and we are off to panda for lunch and i'm so excited!

i think i'm nuts

i feel so weird right now
i miss mike
i drank too much coffee
i'm sad cause melinda is leaving
my stomach hurts
and i'm excited to have panda for lunch
wtf? is it possible to feel all those things at once?
plus i gotta pee
i'm just a ticking time bomb today!

what did i do before text messages?

i am nuts

i like the weather lately

i'm excited for memorial day
a day to "member"

what is wrong with the world?
i watched bowling for columbine again
i'm moving to canada
or france
so i can ride a scooter everywhere
and not shave my arm pits
be back in a bit
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