*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

you have to go drop your brother's friends off?

That was the quote of the weekend-
that was mikes question after McCrory told him to had to go home to drop the kids off!
i swear not a day goes by that i dont crack up laughing with him
i dont know what i'd do without him
he had to work friday night which was weird and it sucked and it was cool all at the same time
we got to go to lunch together and he hung out after i got off but the poor guy worked from 5pm to 2am
and i was so cold in bed til he got home

this week in melindas last week and thats pretty sucky
shes my buddy! my gym buddy
my giggling buddy
my "HELP ME WHAT DO I DO?" buddy
my lets pig out at lunch buddy,while everyone else counts their points
we're having a suprise party for her at her house on friday
kinda strange

I found a new place for my pedicures/manicures
i love it, they do parrafin on your hands and give you a full on massage
its only a few dollars more but way worth it I'm so hooked

work is going so much better
even though its way hectic with melinda leaving
i'm getting another raise! woo woo!
my supervisor gave me a heads up i have a meeting with the boss boss lady today
kinda scared but i look cute so its ok!

heard a few stories this weekend and it amazes me that some people never change and they continue to make their own lives miserable

i am so content with mine and the decisions i have made
so proud that although it was hard i thought of me first and look where it got me
i have the most wonderful boyfriend ever
we are getting on the right track to building our lives together
hes doing really well at work
hes just out of town too much
i miss him so much when hes gone
and he always seems to leave on laundry day.....

i am in complete disbelief that the wedding is only 3 weeks away
its so exciting!

me and mike bought those big ab workout ball things
and of course ryan already has a black eye from bouncing off of it
he told me i broke his face
so me and mike are gonna have abs of steel at havasu this year
haha yeah right if we can actually stop throwing the balls at eachother and actually work out!

it was a fun weekend
go lakers!
a few folks came over to watch the game it was fun as usual
bbq master mike cooked up some yummy meat
then yesterday we watched the wierdest episode of the sopranos ever!
then we watched the damn charles manson story
i was so freaked out!
we ate at every restuarant in whittier this weekend!
good times
but now its work time
i miss all you guys!
miss me too!
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