*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

i hate reality tv

i hate that stupid swan show
i hate that stupid show about different families trying to adopt the same baby
we are sick

so coachella was super hot
met lots of cool people
saw lots of fun familiar faces

wait i dont hate all reality tv
amrican idol has me once again this year
i'm at my moms and her keyboard sucks
so excuse the typos

i dont know why but i dont know what to type
i'm in a really good mood
despite the fact that my sunshine is gone once again
but he'll be home tomorrow
i love the comfort and security he adds to my life

it was fun seeing dea, laura, andre, bobby, dez and everyone else at coachella

i joined vinces yousuckirule.com
so add me
my user name is DEZperate
its still confusing to me

i love happy music
tonight on american idol theyre singing big band music and i love it
and i think its only because i'm so happy
if i wasnt happy it would probably be getting on my nerves
on this day last year
i posted
"fuck everyone
i'm in a shitty mood"
geez how things have changed
i honestly cant believe how lucky i am
things seemed really shitty but the bad weeded it self out
i'm glad i stuck up for myself
i'm glad i took a stand and a big chance
big risks have big payoffs

i love this damn big band night on american idol
the way you look tonight is such an amazing song
i'm starting to get excited for the wedding
the coachella money is really gonna help out
i'm gonna look hot and im gonna have the hottest fucking date there

ugh my moms dryer is taking forever

i hate the whole "seacrest out" thi
if i ever see ryan seacrest i'm gonna punch him and
say "seacrest just got knocked the Fuck out"
good night i want to go to sleep so it can be tommorow
tomorrow is drinko de mayo
and the finale of the oc and of course my baby is coming home!
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