*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

long days short nights....

i really wish i could just lay in bed and be lazy all day next to mike

casual friday was called off today because we have a huge client coming in
i love wearing my sandals to work
but that means next week thursday and friday will both be casual days

poor mike worked 14 hours yesterday
i'm so proud of him he works so hard
hes such a good man

coachella is this weekend
and even though im gonna be working
i'm really really looking forward to it
looking forward to seeing a lot of people that
i havent seen in a while
making some money that is really gonna help out for the wedding of the century
thats coming up so quickly
not looking forward to being away from mike
he was away for 6 weeks now the first week hes back i leave for the weekend
oh well just one weekend we have a million more together to look forward to

i did not want to get out of bed this morning
i was so warm in his arms
i'm getting sleepy just thinking of how perfect that moment was

i miss my mommy feels like i havent seen her in forever
i'm letting work stress get to me too much again
so instead of using this time to work i'll update my journal and stress out later!
i love this warm weather
i love baseball season
i love dodger games in the summer
warm summer nights are the best
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