*snow bird* (myownepicdrama) wrote,
*snow bird*

all that no one sees...

you see deep inside of me..

went to yet another dodger game last night and had yet another 7 dollar beer
and mike and i had a blast
no matter what we do we always manage to make it fun
he cracks me up
hes everything i gave up looking for
hes everything i didnt think existed
and i'm so glad hes in my life
i look at him sometimes and i cant believe how lucky i am to have this beautiful person in my life
i get to fall asleep in his arms everynight
i always have someone that will listen
gotta work
i'm way busy but i got mike on the brain

coachella this weekend
time to make some mooooooooooola
its gonna be way hot
and our tent is like 3 times the size it usually is
i'm excited!
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